The Senior Command Level is not a Department as such, but it contains the majority of the Senior Staff. While Department Heads (Senior Staff) will have different colour shirts on, all Department Heads are classed at Senior Command Level.

On a Starship regardless of its size, the Senior command Level Structure is standard on most ships, but on the USS Tomcat the structure is slightly different to that of the norm as all Department Heads and their subordinated must have a basic working knowledge of other Bridge systems on the ship.
USS Tomcats Senior Command Level Structure.

  • Commanding Officer (Fleet or Marine)
  • First Officer (Fleet XO mainly)
  • Deck Officer
  • Chief of Security
  • Chief Tactical Officer
  • Marine Commanding Officer
  • Commander Air Group
  • Chief Engineer
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chief Science Officer

USS Tomcats Mid Level Command Structure

  • Second Officer
  • Chief Helm Officer
  • Assistant Chief of Security
  • Assistant Chief Tactical
  • Marine Executive Officer
  • Assistant Commander Air Group
  • Assistant Chief Engineer
  • Assistant Chief Medical Officer
  • Assistant Chief Science Officer