About the Squadrons - in Depth

The Dirty Thirty Attack Wing consist of 36 Valkyrie Class Fighters, each Squadron consisting of 12 fighters.

The 100th Squadron which is SFMC are multi-role, if a mission is required where pilots are needed then the Raiders will be used alltheSFMCpilotsgothroughSFMCFlightschool. The Raiders are led by a Marine Captain - Major, if a Major is commanding then the Marine Captain is their XO, if a Marine Captain is Commanding then a 1st Lieutenant is the XO, all other pilots are Warrant Officer or lower; the lowest marine pilot rank is Sergeant.

The 101st Squadron is a Fleet Squadron, these are well trained men and women who went through Starfleet Academy flight school in mirroring the 100th Squadron the same rules of rank apply Squadron CO = Lieutenant Commander the XO is Lieutenant, the CO is a Lieutenant the XO is a Lieutenant Jg. The lowest Fleet rank to be flying is Able Crewman, this Squadron contains the CAG and DCAG (Commander Air Group/Deputy Commander Air Group).

The 102nd Squadron is all Klingon, its command structure remains the same as the other two Squadron, due to the fighters they fly all the Klingon pilots have to wear standard Starfleet flight gear. But like the 100th the102nd will be used for ground missions also.





The 95th Rifle Regiment has a long standing history on Earth, originally a Regiment belonging to the United Kingdom and were involved in the Napoleonic War. They served the British Empire with distinction until they along with a score of other old regiments were combined to make the current 21st Century modern army.

Within the Star Trek Universe, they have been reformed as a Special Operations Unit within SFMC, some of their traditions have also made it back, like the White cord of Courage, this was initially given to 95th Rifle troops regardless of rank and station, it was classed as being picked out and elevated, so those lucky enough to be picked could proudly wear the title of Chosen Man. In this Star Trek Universe that meaning still remains but those who wear the White Cord are now classed as Elite troops, to date their numbers are few, but they are dedicated to the ideals of the Federation.

95th Rifles Marine Contingent

The Marine detachment if one exists on any Starfleet ship will be limited in number to the size of the ship, for example if you had service personnel only on a Galaxy Class instead of families, then you would have about two thousand marines with medium to light weapons a few heavy weapons but the said ship would have to be refitted for such a task. The smaller the ship the fewer the marine contingent. On the USS Tomcat which is a modified Akira Class while maintains its current weapons and defensive loads, its emergency evacuation capacity has been lowered from 2000 down to 1000 to account for 125 Marines stationed on the ship along with combat troop transports, the ship does not carry hover tanks or APCs, but there are some heavy hand held weapons available. The marines aboard the Tomcat are of the crack 95th Rifle Regiment, initially restarted by the ships current Commanding Officer Captain Jasmine Somers. While overall command of the marines are in the hands of the Marine CinC on earth, the contingent on the Tomcat were picked from other marine regiments to serve in the 95th, while it carries the title Regiment, it is nothing bigger than a batallion in size, the rest of the 95th Rifles are spread out on other bases and ships within Starfleet.

The SFMC on a starship is a General purpose force attached to the Fleet of the United federation of planets. They can be utilized in a variety of roles. The chief roles are amphibious or expeditionary warfare and starship defense and they have been known to do SAR and infiltration and extraction missions. The marines on the Tomcat are descend militarily from the 95th rifles, a unit with distinction that has existed from Napoleonic times. Naturally many of their traditions have carried over into the SFMC. The most important of this is the White cord of courage.

This award was originally awarded to all members of the regiment to mark them as Elite troops. In starfleet the tradition has evolved to denote the best of the best. Whereas all 125 Marines on the Tomcat are members of the 95th rifles, Bravo unit are the oly ones with the right to wear the white cord of courage. There are also a select few Starfleet Officer serving on the Tomcat that have been granted of being awarded the White Cord of courage, most notably is Commander Maia Sterling the ships First Officer and Chief Science Officer, but for the most part the Chosen Men who wear this white cord are few in number, the other marines on the ships are elite class, but it is Bravo Unit that is the personal bodyguard of the ships Commander, while their ranking officer is a Major; but this officer would have to show deference to the Marine Commanding Officer regardless of rank.

The rest of the company are divided as follows.

Command Staff:

Alpha Unit

Warrant Officer Class 1
Sergeant Major
Master Gunnery Sergeant

Bravo Unit - Chosen Men, all in this unit wear the white cord.

Marine Captain
1st Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant
WO1 or Regimental Sergeant Major
Master Gunnery Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant
Lance Corporals
Chosen Man (rank equal to a PFC)
Riflemen (Other ships known as Marines)

Three rifle platoons consisting of 3rifle squads and 3 fire teams in each squad, but the structure is basically the same but on a smaller scale, the contingent also has a heavy weapons platoon which uses the more advanced assaut weapons and gear. At this current moment in time there is no artillery of any kind attached to the company; and the auxillary craft available to the marines are class 5 armoured shuttles, which are basically highly modified Runabaouts whose armour and shields has been improved, but at the loss of the shuttles weapons and four reusable dropships for ship to shore operations. The USS Tomcat also has an unspecified number  of stripped type 6 shuttles used for ship to ship or ship to Starbase boarding missions.