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The USS Tomcat is an Akira Sub-type Marine Light support Cruiser/Carrier, while normally it does not operate alone, it does have the ability to do so. Unlike Science vessels or Cruisers which are mainly multi-role are able to use their extensive science suites. The Akira has a basic one and is usually used to patroll the Federation borders.

The Tomcat has a reduced Evac capacity to make room for the extra Squadron and extra marines. Unlike larger troops carriers the Tomcat does not carry heavy weapons like hover tanks and APCs. The largest vehicle assigned to the Marines on the Tomcat are armoured troop shuttles and with hand weapons spatial grenades and explosive plus some hand held Phaser auto-cannons. The Marine contingent on the Tomcat are from the 95th Rifles; while the majority are regular marines in the 95th Rifle Regiment 12 wear the white cord of courage. These marines are the Elite members of the 125 Marines attached to the ship.

The ship has 3 fighter Squadrons of Valkyrie Class fighters 1x Venture class ship that can be fitted with a cloaking device. The ship retains its standard compliment of weapons and defences, its three fighter squadrons rotate when CAP (Combat Air Patrol) duty is required, there is the 100th Sqn whose callsign is RAIDER and is a Marine Unit. The 101st whose callsign is REBELS which is a Fleet Air Arm Squadron and the 102nd Squadrons callsign is REDs due to it being a Klingon Squadron.